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Registration Vision Taking Preliminary Exam Investigation

Refraction Final Exam

Eye Care for the Poor:

Grameen Eye Hospitals are primarily focused to the render services to the poor and deprived millions in Bangladesh. They are the cheapest in eye care services for the low income population and have subsidized rates for the poorer population.

They are charging patients based on their ability to pay, the wealthier patients are charged at a normal rate while the poor are subsidized. In exceptional cases for the destitute and helpless the Hospitals are providing surgery free of cost. Usually in the Grameen Eye Hospital, a patient, paying only TK 100/- can register her/his name and examine her/his eyes and receive doctors' advice. The same services are offered in the eye camps in the remote villages are free of charge.

The Grameen Eye Hospitals offer different packages for cataract surgery to the well-off patients while for the subsidized patients it has only one package for cataract surgery.