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By the grace of Almighty, Bangladesh has got natural resources as abundant groundwater that is not too deep and therefore provides relatively easy access to water. Unfortunately, for geological reasons, almost all of the groundwater has been found to be contaminated with arsenic, at levels that make it a health hazard. Today, more than 30 million Bangladeshis are exposed to the often fatal consequences of chronic arsenic poisoning.

Grameen Health Care Services Ltd. (GHS) established “Grameen Veolia Water Limited" in joint participation with Veolia Water AMI French Company, world leader in water and wastewaters services in 2008 registered under companies Act, 1994 of Bangladesh in order to fight that problem.

According to the precepts of social business, whereby there are "neither losses nor dividends," this investment will be paid for by water charges levied on consumers, which in turn will enable similar projects to be started elsewhere. The equipment is manufactured locally on the basis of know-how transferred by Veolia Water.

The first plant in Goalmari has been treating surface river water and rendering it suitable for drinking and cooking, thereby complying with WHO standards. The current market consists of the 20 to 25,000 inhabitants of the village, 50 km east of Dhaka. The treated water is distributed via a system of storage reservoirs, standpipes; it is also delivered to the farthest-flung locations. All in all, 100,000 people in around 5 villages are projected to be served by this initiative, with the initial investment being 500 000 Euros. Grameen-Veolia Water Ltd.’s task will be to build and operate several water production and treatment plants in some of the poorest villages in the center and south of Bangladesh. This unique and exemplary partnership will bring people into the economic mainstream by providing an immediately operational and highly effective solution to a fundamental need.


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