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History/ Background
It was observed by the Grameen Bank, it is very important to address health issue in order to bring the poor/ultra poor people above the poverty line. It has been seen from the experience that a significant number of people remain under poverty line, despite their continuous efforts of coming out from the poverty. Whenever they succeeded to cross the poverty line and fight to remain out of the poverty, in many cases, the health problem for the incumbent or a family member pushes them to the poverty again and again.

It was observed in a study conducted us late nineties that without improvement of the health condition of the poor it wouldn't be possible to keep the poor out of poverty for longtime.Micro credit immediately and directly address poverty.But for sustainable poverty reduction,the health issue meet be addressed. To address the issue Grameen Trust launched an action research pro great Rural Health Program (RHP) in 1993.Based on the positive results, Grameen Kalyan took responsibility to provide quality primary health care services to GB members as well as non-member as preventive and promotional health services with special emphasis on family planning, reproductive health, maternal and child health. One of the important objective is to make the program self-sustainable and ensure to reach the qualitative Health care services to the un-reached within affordable cost.

Considering the health care situation in Bangladesh and its impact in the poverty issue, Prof. Muhammad Yunus decided to create a separate entity for providing affordable secondary and tertiary  healthcare facilities to the low-income population of Bangladesh especially leaving in the rural area. With this idea the "Grameen Health Care Services Ltd. (GHS) - A Social Business Enterprise is established as a no loss Company.