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GHS activities matching with principle of Social Business (SB)

Professor Muhammad Yunus, Chairman of Grameen Healthcare Services Ltd.(GHS ) and expounder of the Social Business concept reiterated about the hospitals of GHS; These hospitals will be the unique examples of social business enterprises. The main objective of these hospitals will be to provide services to people without incurring losses. Unlike traditional businesses, which are driven with the motive of profit-maximization, these hospitals will be operated as no-loss business enterprises for maximizing benefits to people. Investors here will not claim any dividends, and the profits will be used for expansion of the hospitals and further development of healthcare program.


Activities of GHS, as a Social Business initiative, are matching with the principal of SB as follows:-

Seven principals of Social Business

Principal of SB is matching with activities of GHS

Addressing Social Problems:

GHS is working in health sector which is a threaten issue of the country specially for the low income group.

Financial and Economical Sustainability:

The first eye hospital established by GHS has reached the break-even point after 12 months of operation and it took only 10 months for the second hospital.

No Dividend is allowed to the Stakeholders:

The investors of GHS, Grameen Kalyan (GK), Grameen Shakti (GS), Grameen Telecom (GT) and Grameen Telecom Trust (GTT) will only take their investment back not the profit made by GHS.

Profit to be used for Future Expansion and Improvement of Enterprise (s):

The profit gained by the hospitals will be used for the improvement and expansion of healthcare programs.

Environment Friendly:

GHS hospitals are being followed the proper waste management system.

Competitive Salary Package:

Workforce are getting market salary and better working environment.

To Do With Joy:


Staffs are working with joy.