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Community Outreach Program

Community Outreach Program

An integral part of Grameen GC Eye Hospital is its community outreach programmers like screening eye camps, school eye health programmed, village volunteer programmed all of which provide different strategies for taking eye care service to the doorstep of the community. They provide curative, preventive and rehabilitative care to the community along with IEC (information, education & communication) programmers to improve service delivery to potential patients in the community.

Grameen GC Eye Hospitals are conducting different types eye camp in their catchments area. The camps are Comprehensive eye camp, School screening camp and Industry Camp. By conducting eye camp in the rural area GHS is helping the poor-

  • By saving their traveling cost to hospital
  • By saving their working time which helps them to sale their labour to meet the day to day expenses.
  • Who can't go the hospital without the help of other and to bear their expenses to accompany him up to hospital along it has cost of food.
  • Those who has ability to pay but none to accompany.


Comprehensive eye Camp

Comprehensive eye camps are conducted in the remotest areas of the catchment area of the hospitals. Medical teams, consisting of six ophthalmic paramedics headed by Ophthalmologist, are rendering services to the poor in the rural areas/camps, in and around 30 km from the hospital. Comprehensive eye camp has been conducted mostly at those places where patients are getting comprehensive eye care service at their door steps.

School Screening Camp

GHS is addressing the eye related issue of children. To provide eye care services to the school children both the hospitals are conducting a good number of school screening eye camp where correction of refractive error was the main focus. From this camp the children are getting free eye care services from the qualified Ophthalmologist of GHS at their school.


Industry Camp

Both the hospitals, Bogra and Barisal, has been conducted Industry Camp to provide eye care services to the worker of the industry who are working for contributing for strengthening of National Economy. In this camp the worker are getting free cost of eye care treatment with the qualified Ophthalmologist. Barisal is a river rune area; industrial development at Barisal is less than other part of the country. Fishing and agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Barisal. As such the scopes of conducting industrial camp were very less than Bogra. Yet the hospital management conducted a few industrial camps there. Patients are getting free eye care services from each type of camp.