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Optical Shop:

GHS hospitals have well equipped Optical shop. Wide ranges of frames and lens are available in the shop. Shops also make available international brand such as Luxottica, Sferoflex, Safilo, Optimed, Gucci etc. Lenses available range from regular glass lenses to the latest in polycarbonates. We offer the following special lenses also:

  • Plastic Lenses
  • Scratch-Resistant (SRC) Lenses
  • Anti-Glare (ARC) Lenses
  • Photo chromatic or Day-Night Lenses
  • Kryptok Bifocal Lenses
  • D-Bifocal Lenses
  • Progressive Lenses
  • Polycarbonate Lenses

At GHS hospitals, our trained opticians will help you to choice an appropriate frame and lens according to your requirements. Please feel free to approach our staff for any enquiry.

Spectacle at Eye Camp:

We ensure availability of spectacles to the community through outreach camps ( Eye Camps). These spectacles are provided at an affordable price and are fitted and dispensed on the spot.

Spectacle Maintenance Services

Optical shop of the hospital are providing maintenance, spectacles cleaned or repaire, to its customer through the Service Station Spectacle accessories like cases, chains, cleaning solutions and wiping cloth are also available in the shops.

Medicine Shop:

A treatment process has been completed by proper medication. GHS is ensuring medicine of the patients and counseled the patients its use and preservation through its enriched medicine shop. Ophthalmic medicines (Drop, Ointment, creme etc.) and general medicines both are available in the shop.


GHS hospitals have own canteen at the hospitals premises for patients and staffs. Fresh foods are available in reasonable price in the Canteen.

House keeping Department:

Good ambiance is the important element of the hospital for patient's satisfaction. There is a House Keeping Department in each hospital. The main objective of this Department is to ensure that the patients are comfortable; visitors and guests feel welcome, and the staff has a pleasant and clean atmosphere to work in. The Housekeeping Department is maintenance cleanliness and upkeep of the hospital that will attract you first when you will enter in the hospital.
House Keeping Department supplying clean and fresh linen to the patients and guests, keeping the hospital free from pests and ensuring safety from theft and accidents. House Keeping Department making required arrangements for meetings, conferences and workshops organize by the organization.

Counseling Department:

A physically ill person is prone to anxiety. When eyes and eyesight are involved, surgery is recommended, the patient experiences high levels of stress. During hospitalization this anxiety and stress lead to numerous questions about treatment and hospital services.
Often the Clinical staffs, medical and nursing staffs, do not have time to counsel patients. But recognizing that assuaging the patients' fears is important for healthy outcome. Thus GHS hospitals have employed a special cadre of staff as Patient Counselor. They are trained to understand patients' emotions, to help them cope with their problems and use available resources and to make them feel comfortable. Counselors play a vital role in reducing the stress and mental strain of the patient, and especially in enhancing their cooperation at the time of surgery.


The clinical biochemistry lab is an integral part of a hospital. All the basic tests required in clinical Biochemistry, clinical pathology and Hematology are being carried. The laboratory is well equipped with machine and qualified lab technician. A pathologist is also consulted whenever needed. The highest quality of standard is maintained in the areas of testing by regular monitoring, running quality controls and having quality systems in place.

Medical Record Department:

The Medical Records Department (MRD) an important part of the Hospital as all the patients reaches different department through the department. This department comprises the Reception Counter, Outpatient registration service, Billing (Investigations) service and Admission & Discharge Services. MRD is headed by a qualified professional and managed by skilled. MRD of GHS Hospital is using Integrated Hospital Management Software (IHMS) and following ICD 9 for coding the patients condition and diseases from the case sheet. Data of the patients are preserved in both electronically and hardcopy.

Reception Counter

Reception Counter takes care of all enquiries of patient and the attendants which includes searching the patient medical records number, tracing and locating the patient who has registered on the day and attending to all telephonic enquiries of patients. The outpatient service functions every day between 9.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. from Saturday till Thursday. The Billing (Investigations) service helps the patient for payment regarding investigations ordered by the surgeons and the minor procedures done to the patients.

Admission & Discharge service

Admission & Discharge service helps the patient to get accommodation of their choice as smoothly and quickly as possible. Various rooms such as A/C special, Non A/C, Shared Cabin and general beds are available according to the convenience of the patients.
Statistical reports based on the number of patients treated and surgeries performed are generated from IHMS every month. This report is sent to the governing board for future planning and control of activities.