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1. Establishing health care facilities: To establish and operate hospitals, community health centers, mobile health clinics, lab and pathological centers etc. to ensure quality health care services.

2. Establishment of health care Institution: To establish and operate health schools, medical collages, medical universities, training centers for doctors, nurses and other health related people.

3. Providing professional health care training: To organize regular courses, training programs for the doctors, nurses and other medical staff for improvement of their skill, standard, and quality.

4. Conducting research program: To undertake research and cooperate with other research institutions for identifying various problem in health sector along with find out the remedies and improving the situation.

5. Establishment of health related support Industries: To establish and operate pharmaceutical industries, industry of medical appliances to make them available to the people within affordable price.

6. Awareness building: To organize meetings, seminars, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions, campaigns for exchanging views and raising awareness among the people about health and treatment.

7. Overall improvement of health sector: To take all other related measures those will contribute improving of health sector.