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12th Social Business Day-2022
Monday, 27 June 2022 - Thursday, 30 June 2022 
Online -
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Event brief

Social Business Day is an annual event organized by the Yunus Centre as a global family gathering that platforms the accumulated experiences of social business leaders and entrepreneurship to give shape to the future.

This year, Social Business Day will be taking place as an online and in-person hybrid event focused on East Africa from June 27-30, 2022. The theme of SOCIAL BUSINESS DAY 2022 will be: Building a New Civilisation—Before the Current Civilisation Destroys Us.

The current civilisation which is based on profit maximisation has set us on a suicidal path. Global warming, wealth concentration, and unemployment caused by artificial intelligence are leading us to our ultimate extinction. Our window of opportunity to put humanity on a new path towards a new direction is getting smaller and smaller. We must prepare the seed-bed of a new civilisation before the opportunity slips away.

The new civilisation has to be built on an economy based primarily on zero personal profit to solve the problems of the people and the planet. Social business presents this option. Social business aims at finding compassionate, practical, and long-lasting solutions to social issues while expanding opportunities for the people and the economy. The new civilisation will analyse the break-throughs achieved while preparing for the next leg of our journey before our time runs out.

We welcome you to our Social Business Day 2022 event centered around "Building a New Civilisation—Before the Current Civilisation Destroys Us." Please contribute your creative ideas, build new teams to make new break-throughs, meet old friends and make new ones to accomplish our goal.

Social Business Day 2022 will feature plenary sessions, workshops, and country forums in which participants can exchange ideas and information. Besides English being the language of the event, some sessions will be hosted in languages in Bengali, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French and Portuguese; these sessions will be simultaneously presented during country-specific forums.

The topics for the main event include: Social Businesses in Microcredit, Education, Healthcare, Arts and Creativity, Technology, Youth, Sports, 3ZERO Clubs, and all aspects of building a New Civilisation.

The event will include the annual convention of the “3ZERO Clubs," a global initiative for the youth aimed at realising a World of 3ZEROS: zero net carbon emission, zero wealth concentration for ending poverty, and zero unemployment through entrepreneurship. This convention of the youths will give an opportunity to the members of senior generations to listen to the issues being discussed by the present day youth and catch any opportunity to build bridges among the generations.

Combined forces of global warming, extreme wealth concentration and the pandemic have unexpectedly created a very special chapter of world history. We see this as an opportunity to create a new civilisation to save the planet and its people.

SBD 2022 wants to take up this opportunity to create momentum and expedite the process of redesigning the fundamental concepts and institutions on which human lives are organised on this planet. It aims at beginning a new history. It is a big task. We are passing through a time which demands nothing but a big task. You are invited to join us in making this big task a big success.

Please join us in celebrating the best of human creativity, ingenuity, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s discover the best in ourselves together.

We look forward to welcoming you to SBD 2022 soon!

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