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14th Social Business Day 2024
Thursday, 27 June 2024 - Friday, 28 June 2024 
Manila, Philippines -
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The Social Business Day is an annual global gathering organized by the Yunus Centre to celebrate and share the accumulated experiences of social business leaders and entrepreneurs who are spearheading a new path to a sustainable and just future for the world.

The 14th Social Business Day will be held in Manila, Philippines, on June 27-28, 2024, hosted by Yunus Centre and NWTF. The conference will focus on the theme "Social Business: An Exit Route from the Current Self-Destructive Civilisation." Additionally, on June 29, 2024, the Academia Dialogue and the 3ZERO Club Convention will be hosted as well.

The theme of the conference, "Social Business: An Exit Route from the Current Self-Destructive Civilisation," revolves around the idea that social business can play a transformative role in steering humanity away from destructive practices. By emphasizing social and environmental responsibility, social business aims to create a positive impact on society, fostering sustainability and addressing the challenges posed by our current civilization's harmful trajectory. This theme encourages a shift towards more conscientious and purpose-driven economic models to promote a healthier and more sustainable future.

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